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Danika is a CPDT-KA professional trainer based out of Alleyton, TX. She apprenticed for several years at Horizon Kennels, working bird dogs, gun dogs and competition dogs, along with general obedience dogs of all breeds and sizes to help each become successful members of their family.  Performance Gun dogs have always been Danika’s passion since the beginning of her career, and are the main focus of her ambitions within the hunting industry.

Danika grew up in California riding and training polo horses, playing competitively across the country, even being named Intercollegiate Player of the Year in 2006 during her senior year at the University of California at Davis. After graduating with Communications and Animal Science degrees, polo brought her to Texas, where she later found her passion for training dogs through the similarities in learning and competitive abilities shared by both the animals she is passionate about.

Versatility, utilizing a dogs strongest natural attributes, and strong obedience foundations are the main focus of everything she accomplishes with both client and personal dogs, believing that fair expectations and strong foundations open the door across multiple disciplines for any and all dogs.


While the majority of his time is spent at Top Flight Hunting Preserve in Columbus, TX as  a Hunting Guide, you will see him around the Farm as he works as an Assistant Dog Trainer and an Assistant Horse Trainer. Taylor can provide guide services and field experience for FTBF trained hunting dogs through Top Flight.


Trained service dog for Danika, he has also  accomplished several AKC titles and is a solid hunting partner for guided hunts under handling by both Taylor and Danika.  His trainability, patience and steadiness build confidence in young flushers and retrievers learning the game.


Our most versatile and accomplished dog. 6 AKC titles at 3 years old, from Temperament to Obedience to Hunting to Master Dock Diver. Loves pointing and retrieving, will be training to become a Field Trial dog in 2022. The absolute epitome of well balanced training and versatility we try to accomplish with all our dogs.


Stylish and fun 2 year old shorthair with a strong foundation in upland hunting and already consistently guiding clients for Taylor. Has a dock diving title but birds are where his heart is and we allow him to focus on what he loves most. Multiple field trial placements in puppy and derby stakes and a bright future ahead.


4 month old lab already retrieving on land and in the water and flushing birds with the upland dogs. She is consistently building our excitement for her future ahead. Her exceptional temperament and natural drive will make her an invaluable part of our training program and lead her to being an accomplished member of our guide dog string.


The namesake of Forthebirds Farms (her registered name is Forthebirds), she has been with Danika for the last 15 years and done everything from dressage to riding lessons to polo to field trials. A stellar example of versatility, confidence and kindness, Berry is our heart behind our training principles.


A 12 year old mare Danika has raised from a weanling, she is Danikas “heart horse” and number one field trial horse for both scouting and running dogs. Although she does occasionally make an appearance on the polo field, she loves the dogs and excels with her independence and intelligence in the field behind the big running bird dogs.


A 3 year old “dream horse” of Danikas gifted as a wedding present by 2 of her good friends, Saphira is the exciting future of polo horses for FTBF. Started under saddle last year, her good mind and kind willingness allowed for a solid foundation early on. We look forward to her working toward the polo field and tournament play in 2022.


A 3 year old leopard app mini with a wonderful temperament. Already providing riding lessons and we have long term goals to make him a therapy mini with visits to hospitals and nursing homes in his future.


An 11 year old Appendix, this striking gelding has done everything from starting colts to playing polo to beginner lessons, and enjoys every new experience we bring to him. He is the main superstar of Danikas polo string and the go-to horse for any visitors wanting to spend time horseback.


My forever faithful sidekick. I love you so much, and will miss you even more. Charlie, Chuckles, Wigglebutt, Buddy, King.....whatever you called him, to know him was to love him. I am so lucky to have had this soul bless mine.

Charlie truly was one in a million. Over 40 states together, my first love, my greatest losses, countless adventures and more laughs and late nights than I can ever count....he was there for it all. How do you put that all into words? How do you show everyone just how much he mattered, how many hearts he impacted?


A piece of our hearts that remains missing everyday. Retired from Shane’s (Danika’s brother) professional polo string, Boo lived out his retirement with us giving lessons, enjoying leisurely rides and playing occasional chukkers. His sweet temperament won our hearts quickly as he patiently taught Taylor the game of polo. We lost him in a tragic accident much too soon, but think of him often and know he is still touching our lives in so many ways.

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